Our Value Proposition

Bulk Bullion is a rare commodity in the Australian precious metals industry - we are a dedicated, genuine wholesale only bullion business, born of a desire to create the leading wholesaler in Australasia. Our mission is to be recognised as the market leader for our ability to innovate with products, services and business techniques.


Through our carefully cultivated portfolio of brands, we are rapidly becoming a one-stop-shop for retail bullion dealers who wish to deal with a local distributor in a local timezone in a local currency. With a presence in three timezone within Australia and the United States, Bulk Bullion can provide a single interface between your brand and multiple Australian businesses. The Australian bullion marketplace is small by international standards, yet highly competitive domestically - rather than dealing with numerous small offshore clients, distributing with Bulk Bullion offers access to the entire Australian market, and the economies of scale that follow with a single trading relationship.


For numerous Australian dealers, establishing a trade account with Bulk Bullion is rapidly becoming a defacto success factor for their growing business. See how becoming a trade supplier to Bulk Bullion can be a defacto success factor for your own brand's recognition and market acceptance in Australia, managed by experienced principals with a proven track record of developing and delivering new products into the Australian market.

With a wholesale audience encompassing some of Australia's best known bullion companies, numerous other dealers and jewellers, Bulk Bullion has rapidly grown whilst remaining non-competitive with our own customers. We are a true wholesaler, not a retailer masquerading as one. With major customers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, a relationship with Bulk Bullion puts your product directly into Australia's most important bullion markets with a single distributor.


With in-house marketing expertise, we can successfully promote and launch your product into our marketplace with stock or bespoke imagery and campaigns across numerous retailers and platforms, with unmatched access to Australian audiences for maximum brand visibility.

Contact us today to learn more about why your brand should be the next addition to the Bulk Bullion portfolio.