The Bulk Bullion Advantage

Sourcing products competitively is often one of the most difficult aspects of any bullion dealership. Different time zones, different currencies, the tyranny of distance, all are challenges you're used to facing whenever trying to import products and remain competitive in the busy Australian retail scene, where every cent of margin matters.


Bulk Bullion has forged alliances with some of the best names in bullion, and with our economies of scale, can offer competitive pricing on many major product lines - in Australian dollars, from domestic inventory. Our brand portfolio shows just a snippet of the stock we either carry or can access. Where possible we build mint-direct relationships to minimise wholesale handling, ensuring we remain competitive with direct importing, with far more convenience - especially on small quantity orders. Many foreign distributors seek annual commitments that are simply unattainable for the average Australian dealer - take advantage of our buying power to access inventory that it just doesn't make sense to import otherwise.

With a product range covering everything from a tenth of an ounce of silver to a kilogram of gold, we're sure to be able to meet your needs.


Our trade desk is phone based - and with the ability to book either metal account or physical product during our regular trading hours, you will soon see why we are a pleasure to deal with. We use true precious metals accounting techniques with separate invoice lines for metal and premium - you will always know what spot price you were charged. With two-way metal accounts in all three major metals, hedging with us will be a breeze. Unexpected buyback just walk through your front door? Simple, just call us and sell back metal account, and you're hedged.

All of our wholesale customers can access our premium price list, updated daily, denominated in AUD. Thanks to our in-house technology skills, we can even deliver custom secure feeds with live costs or margins to suit your e-commerce needs.

Avoid Channel Conflict

Ever feel like you're just supporting the competition? Bulk Bullion is 100% wholesale only - we are a private company with multiple individual owners - not a trading name or subsidiary of a competing retail business. Our wholesale margins are designed to allow you to resell competitively without feeling like you're just getting a normal volume discount that you can't in turn offer to your own customers.

Bulk Gold

One of our specialties is bulk gold - so if you or your customers have a need for generic or name brand gold kilograms, be sure to compare our pricing and depth of inventory. With same day delivery available from some locations, and access to multiple supply channels, we have grown to become one of the most consistent sources of gold kilogram bars for commercial clients. Please note that we do not sell direct to individual investors, we only sell to AUSTRAC registered bullion dealers.

Contact us today to learn more about why Bulk Bullion should be your next supplier.