Product Marketing

The Right Audience

With in-house marketing expertise, we can successfully promote and launch your product into our marketplace with stock or bespoke imagery and campaigns across numerous retailers and platforms, with unmatched access to Australian audiences for maximum brand visibility.

Asset Repository

One of the challenges facing retailers is the sourcing of quality imagery for products - often wholesalers do not support retailers with marketing materials beyond basic website catalog photos, if at all. Bulk Bullion is developing an extensive marketing collateral library available to our customers with both manufacturer-supplied and bespoke photography and graphical assets to allow for high quality marketing material to be prepared for consumption by the retail public.

Often high quality material is available from mints and fabricators, but only accessible to authorised distributors who may not utilise it - Bulk Bullion aims to provide access to this material for "the last mile" between the mint and the ultimate retail consumer. Often the only interface between the customer and the brand is the retailer's point of sale - why waste this touchpoint with low resolution images borrowed off the web? If you have quality marketing collateral, we can disseminate this to the retailers where it is most needed.

Campaign Support

With our own in-house artist, Bulk Bullion produces and distributes unique marketing collateral tailored for the Australian market and cultural events. Diwali is an example of an auspicious event for gold sales in Australia, and Bulk Bullion creates various associative marketing materials available for our customers to use featuring various brands we distribute. Allow us to facilitate marketing your brand in Australia based on our local knowledge for the most effective methods.