Custom Minting

From Concept to Production

Interested in producing your own series or house brand bullion? Whilst we are not a mint ourselves, the team at Bulk Bullion have years of experience in managing custom minting projects through government and private mints.

Private Series

A popular trend is the development of a bespoke series of silver rounds that cater towards an expected niche or broad audience amongst precious metals buyers. An example of a domestic brand that started in this manner is Intrinsic Tender - and there are plenty of other examples overseas. We have access to the expertise, either in-house or through our relationships with various private mints worldwide, to help manage your ideas from concept through to final artwork, die manufacture, fabrication, distribution and retail - naturally including access to our network of wholesale customers if desired. Please note we only manage volume projects intended for distribution or retail clients, we do not provide custom minting services for individual items. As a guide die costs alone can be anywhere between $600 to $4000 AUD per side depending on design complexity, usually making custom minting cost prohibitive for small projects where the costs cannot be amortised across a large number of units.

House Bullion

If you would like to establish your own brand of bullion for resale, Bulk Bullion can help through our relationships with several mints and refiners capable of producing minted or cast bars that meet investment form standards. Die costs for such projects are usually less than $1000 per die depending on size and complexity, and our finished bar prices are very competitive with flexible minimum order commitments, reducing the barriers to entry.