Bullion Distribution


Bulk Bullion's principals are experienced individuals with backgrounds in precious metals, sporting and solar industries with extensive importing experience.

Logistics to Australia is one of the biggest challenges facing an international brand, and with a local tax regime and parochial consumer tastes that can impact the viability of certain products, our team can work with you to identify opportunities in the Australian market for your brand.

Our management team is small and effective - when you speak with us, you're immediately dealing with someone in the decision making process.


Our customer base is rapidly expanding - with major customers in most states, vault space on both the east and west coasts, and extensive shipping experience, we can position your product to be readily available throughout Australia.

Through our carefully cultivated portfolio of brands, we are rapidly becoming a one-stop-shop for retail bullion dealers who wish to deal with a local distributor in a local timezone in a local currency. With a presence in three timezone within Australia and the United States, Bulk Bullion can provide a single interface between your brand and multiple Australian businesses. The Australian bullion marketplace is small by international standards, yet highly competitive domestically - rather than dealing with numerous small offshore clients, distributing with Bulk Bullion offers access to the entire Australian market, and the economies of scale that follow with a single trading relationship.