Our Brands

Browse our large range of brands and products in gold, silver, platinum, palladium & rhodium below.


  • Walking Liberty Rounds

    Walking Liberty Rounds

    Unique fractional silver from Great American Mint featuring the historical Walking Liberty design. Packaged…


  • XAU Cast Bars

    XAU Cast Bars

    These high quality 1oz cast gold bars feature the XAU currency code for pure…


  • XAG Cast Bars

    XAG Cast Bars

    Cheap and cheerful! The 1oz XAG Cast Bars are one of the success stories…


  • Perth Mint Cast Silver Bars

    Perth Mint Cast Silver Bars

    Australia's all time favourite silver bullion bars. Available in a range of different sizes.


  • Perth Mint Cast Gold Bars

    Perth Mint Cast Gold Bars

    Many of Australia's most popular gold bars are cast by The Perth Mint in…


  • Perth Mint Minted Gold Bar

    Perth Mint Minted Gold Bar

    The Perth Mint produces the Kangaroo gold bar in a tamper evident Certicard for…


  • Baird & Co Cast Gold Bar

    Baird & Co Cast Gold Bar

    Carefully cast to a high quality finish in London by Baird & Co. Each…


  • Elemetal 1oz Round

    Elemetal 1oz Round

    Minted to a superior finish, these silver rounds are popular amongst investors. Elemetal Mint are…


  • Baird & Co Cast Silver Bar

    Baird & Co Cast Silver Bar

    One of the highest quality cast silver bars available. The bars are produced in a…


  • Scottsdale Stacker Round

    Scottsdale Stacker Round

    An all-time favourite from Scottsdale Mint. These rounds are all the same width and…


  • Focus Metals Cast Gold Bar

    Focus Metals Cast Gold Bar

    This classic cast bar from Melbourne based refinery Focus Metals is quickly becoming a…


  • Silver Maple Leaf

    Silver Maple Leaf

    A universally recognised 'four nines' bullion coin featuring the distinctive maple leaf imagery unique to…


  • Baird & Co Minted Gold Bar

    Baird & Co Minted Gold Bar

    Struck in a broad range of sizes, the minted gold bar range from Baird…


  • Ultra High Relief 2oz Round

    Ultra High Relief 2oz Round

    An innovative approach to bullion design, the ultra-high relief rounds from Elemetal Mint have…


  • Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

    Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

    A recent new addition in 2016 from The Perth Mint, an astonishing number have already…


  • Gold Maple Leaf

    Gold Maple Leaf

    World class minting at the Royal Canadian Mint produces this iconic gold maple leaf bullion…


  • Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo

    Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo

    The Australian Kangaroo gold coins are fast becoming worldwide favourites for both investors and…


  • Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra

    Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra

    The Australian Kookaburra series has been in production since 1990, and has since gained…


  • Perth Mint Oriana Bar

    Perth Mint Oriana Bar

    Re-release of the classic Oriana bar originally produced by the Perth Mint from 2006-2010.…


  • RCM Maplegram

    RCM Maplegram

    The Maplegram from Royal Canadian Mint comes in packages of 25 individually serial numbered…


  • RCM 10oz Minted Bar

    RCM 10oz Minted Bar

    The 10oz bar is an affordable bar favoured by bullion investors. Available in: 10oz


  • Baird & Co Multipack

    Baird & Co Multipack

    Available in: 2x1g, 5x1g, 10x1g, & 15x1g


  • American Silver Eagle

    American Silver Eagle

    One of the world's best selling coins. More than 130 million sold since 1986.