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Royal Canadian Mint

A world leader in bullion production. The Royal Canadian Mint has been operating and refining to a superior quality since the mid 1960's. The gold and silver maple leafs have become iconic to the mint's broad range of products, and a highly popular coin amongst investors. Bullion DNA Technology. The…

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Baird & Co

Major refiner based in London. Established in 1967, Baird and Co now operate a large refinery and mint based in London. Baird and Co manufacture a broad range of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium investment products. LBMA member. Baird and Co was accepted as a member of the London Bull…

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The Perth Mint

Australia's only Full Member LBMA refiner. Since 1899, governments have trusted The Perth Mint to refine Australia's gold production for export around the world. With minting experience now spanning three centuries, The Perth Mint is recognised as a preeminent provider of high quality precious metal bullion and collector coins, and as…

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