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Who we are...

Formed in 2014, Bulk Bullion is a wholesale distributor of investment bullion to the Australian precious metals industry. As a wholesaler, Bulk Bullion does not sell direct to individual investors or trustees. Our founders have extensive experience in the Australian retail bullion scene, and recognised a void in the market for a "one stop shop" distributor that could provide an interface between Australian bullion dealers and the international market, allowing Australian retailers to deal with one supplier in one currency in their own timezone. With a broad portfolio of products, Bulk Bullion is becoming a leader in this space, and is the only genuine wholesale bullion distributor in Australia that does not have channel conflict with an internal retail channel.

Dealing with precious metals is a federally regulated "designated service" in Australia with strict AML/CTF obligations. We only sell to AUSTRAC registered bullion dealers who have undergone appropriate due diligence and proven that they are engaged in the business of bullion dealing.